Technology continues to streamline the management of clinical trials from screening and online enrollment to monitoring and tracking, as well as accounting. Now, many of the actual trials themselves will become virtual, partly in response to the limitations resulting from the coronavirus. Doctors experienced in telemedicine will begin conducting trials which are completely virtual, from electronic enrollment and verification though the entire trial process to final submission. CCT is on the leading edge of virtual trials, in addition to offering our state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions for practices searching and applying for trials, as well as for managing the entire trial process.

Technology Platforms

Verified Patients

Confirm patient identities using a real-time, knowledge-based authentication process.

eInformed Consent

Our eIC platform allows patients to be consented either on-site or off-site.

eSource Documents

Enables remote monitoring, ensuring your study will avoid unexpected delays.


Real-time regulatory tool, providing sponsors access to eTMF.

Only Core Clinical Trials can provide Direct to Patient® access through technology.


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