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Veterinary Services

CCT is the first Integrated Site Network (ISN) dedicated to the advancement of veterinary medicine. We believe there is a growing need to bring veterinarian clinical trials from the university to the community. We’re confident that by cultivating the development of professional veterinarian sites, we’re providing the pharmaceutical industry an opportunity to streamline the drug development process, bringing new treatment options to veterinary medicine. With this model in mind, we went about the task of organizing a nationwide network of general and specialized veterinarians, committed to providing their patients the latest advances in veterinary medicine.


To facilitate veterinary clinical trials, leading to new treatments, which enhance the lives of animals.

What We Do

We present qualified, pre-screened, Principal Investigators for participation in veterinary clinical trials. We have developed effective and stable relationships with many highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic Clinical Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators throughout the United States. All of the Investigators within the CCT network have been evaluated to ensure they are not only qualified to conduct clinical trials but have the patient population and administrative capabilities to do it properly. They must meet specific minimal standards before being included in the network. This eliminates a significant amount of time and expense when attempting to qualify, enroll and initiate a site.

We ensure timely and accurate regulatory board submission and data collection

All sites have dedicated, full-time and experienced clinical research coordinators to ensure the prioritized and accurate submission of regulatory documents, appropriate site orientation/initiation, patient recruitment, screening and enrollment, as well as the collection of clean and accurate data. Our own internal management and quality assurance practices further ensure that tasks are completed quickly and accurately, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any problems with the potential to jeopardize your important study timelines.


To make a difference in the world, through our passionate pursuit of advancing veterinary medicine.

We provide access to a large patient study population

Prior to us presenting an Investigator for study participation, we assess the patient population from which study subjects will be drawn, to assure the increased likelihood of enrollment goals being met. Although we know carefully orchestrated advertising can assist in meeting enrollment goals, we firmly believe the site must have the patient population or internal referral base from which to enroll patients.

Only Core Clinical Trials can provide Direct to Patient® access through technology.


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